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Your Home For Fun and Safe Activities For Kids

Indoor playgrounds and other organizations designed to provide fun, safe, and exciting activities for kids continue to pop up in community centers, malls and other locations central to various neighborhoods. As these businesses continued to adapt and respond to the wants and needs of their communities, the younger audience was forced out of trampoline parks and other, more active, play areas because it was too difficult to separate the “big kids” from the “little kids” and facilitate play that was truly safe.

The Bounce Place wanted to create an environment where there were activities for kids who could not safely enjoy the popular trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds that appealed to an older audience. Our locations are comprised of bounce houses, obstacle courses, play areas, and special attractions that are specific to each of our locations, including an arcade, jungle gym, and much more. What makes The Bounce Place different, though, is that our locations are exclusive to children under the age of 10.

What Activities For Kids Does The Bounce Place Offer?

At The Bounce Place, we wanted to ensure we had an option for every child and every family. In addition to various bouncy castles and inflatables, each location has unique features, from climbing walls to arcades to indoor playgrounds, to maximize the opportunities we have for kids to explore.

Day Passes

At each of our locations, you can purchase a day pass for your children to play with the ability to come and go throughout the day as needed.

Prepaid Passes

If you are a Bounce Place regular, our prepaid passes are the perfect option for you to use when coming to play on the bounce houses or other toys and apparatuses. Get rewarded for your loyalty with more that 20% off each admission for every child when you come to any Bounce Place location. A Bounce houses are popular among young children, with our prepaid passes, you can earn brownie points with your kiddos and save money at The Bounce Place.

Monthly Memberships

Depending on which location, The Bounce Place offers a monthly pass valid for entrance once a day that includes one adult pass! No limitations! No long term commitment! Re-new when ever you want! 

Birthday Parties

We have multiple party rooms that can be reserved to celebrate your child's special day. Reserve a room, come and play, eat cake, celebrate, and enjoy! The best part? We clean up!

Field Trips

School groups, childcare facilities, and other organizations who are looking for field trip ideas and opportunities for their groups can look no further!


The Bounce Place can partner with your school or organization for fundraising events.

Activities For Kids In Your Community

We have multiple locations across central Colorado and California. Each of our locations offers the perfect indoor playground for younger children who are often left out of other indoor play models. The Bounce Place offers a fun, safe environment filled with various activities for kids that every personality type can enjoy.

  • Indoor Activity - Especially in the winter months, keeping kids active can be challenging. The Bounce Place is the ideal alternative to an iPad or television screen, providing activities for kids that help them get moving and release energy.
  • Opportunity For Friendship - The indoor playground environment can accommodate only children, siblings, playgroups, and more. The outgoing and friendly nature of our youth can be nurtured here, giving children the opportunity to meet others like them in their community and play.
  • Physical Development - Our various activities for kids provides the opportunity to explore and develop fine and gross motor skills. Navigating inflatable obstacle courses and bounce castles is no easy feat. The Bounce Place allows children to build those skills in a safe environment, all while having fun!

One Parent Included in Admission to Play Free At The Bounce Place

The Bounce Place was designed to make activities for kids fun, affordable, and accessible. When you purchase a day pass for your children to come to play, you can relax in our seating areas while your children explore. Find your local Bounce Place and come to play today!