Indoor Bounce House Locations In Your Community

The Bounce Place has a number of locations featuring bounce houses, obstacle courses, arcades, and more. We currently operate in Lakewood, Thornton, Boulder, and San Bruno, California, each with special attractions that are unique to that specific location. All of our indoor bounce house locations have one thing in common, though. Each and every Bounce Place is the perfect spot for kids to have FUN!

What Can You Do At The Bounce Place?

The Bounce Place started as a place for kids to play. All of our locations are inside malls or shopping centers to make the advantages of The Bounce Place accessible to all the families in our areas of operation. Today, we offer daily passes, punch cards, birthday parties, field trips, fundraisers, and more.

Daily Passes - Our indoor bounce houses are not only the ideal solution for stir-crazy kids who do not want to run mall errands with mom or dad but also as an affordable alternative activity when the backyard or the park get boring or when the weather does not comply. With a day pass, you and your child can come and go from The Bounce Place as you please throughout the day or you may choose to reserve your spot online with a 3 hours slot that guarantees your for those busy days. Depending on your preferred location, you can enjoy everything from a bounce house and obstacle course to an indoor playground and arcade. You do not have to worry about taking a break for lunch or nap time. With a day pass, you can come back when it is convenient for you that day.

Prepaid Passes - If you are a Bounce Place regular, our prepaid passes are the perfect option for you to use when coming to play on the bounce houses or other toys and apparatuses. Get rewarded for your loyalty with more that 20% off each admission for every child when you come to any Bounce Place location. A Bounce houses are popular among young children, with our prepaid passes, you can earn brownie points with your kiddos and save money at The Bounce Place.

Monthly Memberships- depending on which location, The Bounce Place offers a monthly pass valid for entrance once a day that includes one adult pass! No limitations! No long term commitment! Re-new when ever you want! 

Birthday Parties - Each of our indoor bounce house locations has multiple party rooms that can be reserved for birthday celebrations. Celebrate in style with a festive room reserved specifically for your guests and dedicated playtime with access to all of our bounce houses and location-specific specialty attractions. Our highly-trained team will help you set up and tear down before and after your birthday party, helping you keep everything organized and making your child’s birthday easy to manage and hard to forget!

Field Trips - School groups and other organizations are welcome to schedule field trips to any one of our Bounce Place locations. Groups can take advantage of our wide variety of bounce houses, obstacle courses, and other activities at The Bounce Place where we have something to satisfy every child. Our field trip packages are a great option for kids who need an outlet to release their energy - especially during cold winters that keep kids inside all day long.

Fundraisers - The Bounce Place is invested in the communities we operate in. If you’re interested in a fundraising opportunity in your community, contact your local Bounce Place today.

Indoor Bounce Houses Can’t Be Beat

Whether you are looking for a place for your kids to get active and release energy or simply need something to keep them occupied while mom or dad runs errands, The Bounce Place has an option for you! With bounce houses, obstacle courses, arcades, and more, there is something to satisfy every child’s interest. Come to play at The Bounce Place today.