Why You Should Take Your Kids To A Bounce House In The Mall

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 10:33

Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your child or just looking for a way to occupy your kids for an afternoon, a bounce house in the mall could be the perfect option for either activity. There may be a large variety of alternative options out there for engaging child-friendly activities, but bounce houses in the mall offer unique benefits for both you and your kids.

How Bounce Houses In The Mall Benefit Your Kids

Energy Release and Exercise

As any parent knows, kids can have a ton of energy. And we mean a TON. Especially kids under the age of 10. The Bounce Place is not only your friendly bounce house in the mall, it’s the perfect place for your kids to burn off that energy. Let your kids bounce around for an hour or two and they’ll sleep soundly in the evening.

Not only will your kids run out of energy, they’ll be getting good exercise as well to help with their physical development. Numerous studies have been conducted on the positive physical effects that bouncing can have. In fact, it’s been shown that bouncing on a mini trampoline, or in our case a bounce house, for 20 minutes is just as good for you as running, except it is far more enjoyable and social. Get your kids active at a bounce house in the mall.

Socialization and Friendship Opportunities

The Bounce Place only allows children, age 10 and under, to play in our bounce houses. Whether you arrive with just your kids or with a playgroup, The Bounce Place gives children a safe and fun environment to interact with other kids around their age. The outgoing and friendly nature of younger kids can be nurtured in this environment, as children have the opportunity meet and play with others like them in their community and begin to develop friendships.

How Bounce Houses In The Mall Benefit You

Peace Of Mind Anytime Of The Year

As our numerous Bounce Place locations operate inside malls, our hours of operation are never altered due to the weather. Our indoor activity can keep your kids active during freezing winter months while simultaneously keeping them safe and giving you some time to read, catch up on emails, relax, or play with your kids in a controlled environment.

Our staff are here to meet your needs and make your stay as relaxing as possible. If you’ve organized a party at The Bounce Place, our dedicated party host ensures you have a hassle- and stress-free experience, while making lasting memories.

Reliable Pricing And Reasonable Packages

Larger bounce house companies that bring the bounce house to an agreed-upon location can often be expensive. You’ll need to cover the costs of the bounce house, the manual labor, and any hidden fees they sneak into your contract.

At The Bounce Place, we are completely transparent about our pricing options in our different locations and we’ve worked hard to make our party packages as comprehensive as possible, while still being reasonably priced.

If you want a stress-free birthday celebration that your child and guests will LOVE, The Bounce Place has the birthday party for you! Or if you’re eager to get your kids active, our mall bounce houses may be the perfect place to spend your afternoon.

See what your closest location can offer you today!