Why Play At The Bounce Place In Boulder

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 07:28

When looking for activities for your children, especially in the winter time, it can be challenging to find something that has the trifecta: something that’s fun, safe, and affordable. That is the problem The Bounce Place in Boulder strives to resolve, but it is so much more than just an affordable place to play. Let’s talk about some of the reasons you want to make The Bounce Place a regular trip for your family.

1. Get Your Children Moving

Probably the single most appealing benefit of The Bounce Place in Boulder is the fact that you can tear your children away from their screens for fun, active play time. In today’s culture, childhood obesity is a serious problem. The influx of sedentary play that has become the norm does not help this situation. Encouraging active play is essential to helping children create healthy habits that they can take with them into adulthood.

2. Develop Fine And Gross Motor Skills

In addition to simply moving more, The Bounce Place in Boulder offers a safe environment for children to develop the fine and gross motor skills that are essential to their ability to move and perform later in life. As adults, we know how challenging it is to chase our children through inflatable obstacle courses or across large bounce castles. The constantly shifting center of gravity forces you to engage muscles that are not actively used when on solid ground. Additionally, as children navigate the different activities at The Bounce Place in Boulder, their minds are challenged when figuring out how stand, climb, and balance while their peers are moving around and doing the same.

3. A Place For Creative Place

Many of our inflatables at The Bounce Place in Boulder have different themes, from medieval castles to modern obstacle courses. Children are inspired and can play in an environment where their imagination can flourish. The Bounce Place in Boulder offers more than just a place for physical activity, but for constructive, mental activity, as well.

4. Building Relationships With Like-Minded Peers

One of the key benefits of playtime at The Bounce Place in Boulder is the opportunity it affords children to interact with peers who are close in age. The environment helps children learn to share, wait, and safely play with others, as well as encouraging social activity between young children where shyness, insecurity, and fear can be left behind.

5. Parents Can Play, Too

The Bounce Place in Boulder is free for parents to come in and facilitate engaging, active play with their children. You can be in the facility with your children and walk around to see them in their element where creativity and imagination can run wild. It’s a great opportunity for parents to interact and bond with their children while their children are experimenting with different types of play.

Stop By The Bounce Place In Boulder

If the winter weather is bogging you down and your children are stir crazy inside, say goodbye to the tablet or phone screens and hello to The Bounce Place in Boulder. We guarantee your kids will thank you for the opportunity to play on the different inflatables at our Boulder location and they’ll be begging to come back before it’s even time to leave.

Learn more about The Bounce Place in Boulder here.