Comparing A Trampoline Park And An Indoor Inflatable Bounce House: Which Is Better For My Kid?

Monday, 28 October 2019 11:45

Kids seem to have unlimited energy. Even after a long day at school, they can still be bouncing off the walls and causing chaos. Your child needs a family-friendly activity to help them burn off that excessive energy. But, sometimes it’s difficult to know which activity will be the best for your child. When is it better to visit a trampoline park over an indoor inflatable bounce house and vice versa? These two family-friendly entertainment options come with their own pros and cons. Let’s dive into each option and examine how they might work for your family.

The Trampoline Park

All of the springiness of trampoline parks make them an appealing option for many families. But, when is a trampoline park the best choice for your family?

The Pros & Cons

Most children would love to spend a whole afternoon at a trampoline park. Even born gymnasts can have a very difficult time practicing spins and flips without a spring board or a trampoline. The nature of any given trampoline park encourages kids to jump high and to jump often. Those higher jumps provide your kids with terrific opportunities to practice their gymnastic abilities. Plus, all of that jumping can also help further improve your kids’ motor skills and balance control.

It’s also worth noting that an afternoon at a trampoline park could benefit the health of your children. Bouncing on a trampoline for an hour can burn up to 500 calories! That’s a great amount of exercise which is especially important for growing kids.

Even with all of their positive aspects, most trampoline parks can come with a few downsides. The average design of a trampoline usually doesn’t prioritize safety. Trampoline venues may take precautions with their equipment and add protective padding in hazardous areas. But, even when protective measures are in place, injuries can still occur regularly. Trampoline parks are especially dangerous for younger kids. Older and more coordinated kids will often engage in more competitive, rougher play. The harsher pre-teen play style can be very hazardous for young kids.

A trampoline park also isn’t the most creatively stimulating place. The vast expanses of bouncy mesh material may be great for exercise, but they aren’t great for imaginative thinking. These venues will usually fail to challenge your child’s creativity.

The Indoor Inflatable Bounce House

Bounce houses are incredibly popular destinations for kids birthday parties and fun-filled family-friendly afternoons. But, what sets a bounce house apart from a trampoline place? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of an indoor inflatable bounce house.

The Pros & Cons

Where your local trampoline park fails, a bounce house prevails. When you first visit an indoor inflatable bounce house, you will quickly realize that safety and security are the top priorities. The inflatable nature of the bounce house drastically minimizes the inherent risk of injury. This play environment has no sharp springs or metal frames to harm visitors. With less risk of injury, your kids can fall on their face all day and avoid injuries.

When you visit an indoor inflatable bounce house, your kids will be entertained for hours. At each Bounce Place location, we offer a variety of engaging activities for your young kids. Things like obstacle courses, building blocks, and push cars will keep your kids happy all afternoon. In addition, the bright colors of the complex environments can stimulate your child’s imagination. While they have fun and play, they’ll improve their creative thinking and problem solving skills as well.

The biggest downside of an indoor inflatable bounce house is actually one of the best benefits. Most bounce houses enforce an age limit to keep these play environments safe for young kids. At The Bounce Place, our play structures are exclusive to children under the age of 10. While this age limit may seem silly, it’s actually an incredibly important necessity. This rule keeps your kids safe from the harmful rougher play of the bigger kids and preteens.

Which Is Better For My Kids: A Trampoline Park or An Indoor Inflatable Bounce House?

If you’re trying to spend an afternoon with your toddler, an indoor inflatable bounce house is the way to go. Bounce houses are the safest and most stimulating environments around for younger kids.

On the flip side, if your kids have entered their pre-teen years, a trampoline park is the better option. Your pre-teens will have more room to jump around, exercise, and play rough with their friends.

At the end of the day, what matters most is what’s fun for your family. Don’t take your kids to a place where they’ll be bored or pushed around by other kids. Take them to a place where they’ll have the most fun and feel the most comfortable.

Bounce Past The Trampoline Park With The Bounce Place

It’s always difficult to accurately compare these two family-friendly entertainment options. A trampoline park has its upsides, but it can be a restrictive play environment for younger kids. Don’t make your decision more difficult than it needs to be. Give your kid the best experience possible with The Bounce Place!

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