Tips For Planning A Birthday Bounce House Celebration

Wednesday, 05 June 2019 05:11

If you’ve ever planned a birthday party for a child, you know how much work goes into creating something that will give your child happy memories to cherish as they grow up. In the age of social media, there is a lot of pressure on parents to throw a birthday party for the books. It seems like, no matter how much fun your child has at someone else’s celebration, you can’t model a celebration after another event that has happened too recently, so parents have to get the creative juices flowing. Now, we might be biased, but we feel like you can’t go wrong when celebrating a birthday at a bounce house place. Having thrown countless celebrations this year alone, we want to share some of the best tips we’ve learned for throwing a birthday bounce house party that your child won’t forget!

Is A Birthday Bounce House Celebration The Right Choice For Your Child?

If you have a high energy child who loves to be active, then there is no doubt they’ll enjoy a birthday bounce house celebration. These types of celebrations are especially great for children who have birthdays in seasons that prevent other activities like pool parties or ice skating celebrations. If any of these factors apply to your family, you’ll most certainly want to check out our guide to planning a great birthday bounce house celebration.

Narrow The Guest List

First things first, when you’re planning an active celebration like a birthday bounce house party, you’ll want to be selective in the guest list. There are a couple things you’ll want to keep in mind. The number of kids will be important to the overall success of your celebration. Too many kids increases the risk of injury and limits the guests’ opportunity to enjoy the different bounce houses. Additionally, the age of the kids is a range you’ll want to keep narrow. While The Bounce Place does have a toddler-activity area and a maximum age limit, too wide of an age limit also puts your guests at risk of injury. By selecting a handful of close friends who are also close in age, you’re sure to have a great birthday bounce house celebration.

Dress Accordingly

In an active environment, you want to ensure that not only the birthday child but also the guests are dressed appropriately to enjoy their time on the bounce houses. Girls will want to have their hair pulled back and you don’t want to have jewelry on while playing at the birthday bounce house celebration. Everyone will want elastic waistband pants and comfortable tops that won’t prevent them from moving freely. Socks are also key to a successful birthday bounce house celebration. All of these factors will ensure your guests can enjoy all the bounce houses to the fullest.

Bring The Right Snacks

If you’re birthday bounce house celebration will include any kind of food or drink, you’ll want to ensure you bring the right snacks. While cakes are certainly appropriate for a birthday party, you’ll want to remember that kids don’t often eat all that much - especially when they are playing and running around. Mini-cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for the end of the party, while water and healthy, light snacks will keep all of your guests satiated throughout the party without making them feel sick when out running and playing.

Plan A Birthday Bounce House Celebration At The Bounce Place

If your child has a birthday coming up, a bounce house celebration is exactly what you’re looking for! At The Bounce Place, you’ll have your own party coordinator to ensure your birthday bounce house celebration goes off without a hitch. Check out our party packages to get your celebration scheduled today.