You want to throw the best birthday party for your kids. It should be fun, affordable, and above all else, close. At The Bounce Place, we've crafted the quintessential birthday party experience for kids up to the age of 10. With locations across central Colorado and California, we’re one of the top kids birthday party places in a variety of major metropolitan areas. When you book your child's birthday party at The Bounce Place, you won’t be disappointed.

Published in Lakewood, CA

The time comes around once a year for you to celebrate your child. It can almost feel like a competition between the upcoming party and the party from the year prior. Regardless of how old your child is turning, one thing is certain - you want your kid’s birthday party to be a memorable one. Having hosted countless birthday parties at the bounce place, we’ve learned a thing or two about planning a kids birthday party. We want to share our expertise with you so that the next party you plan is one for the books.

Published in Lakewood, CO

If you are looking to celebrate your child’s birthday in the Boulder area, the options for locations to host are almost limitless. Everything from parks and playgrounds to movie theaters and arcades are at your disposal. When you have younger children, under the age of ten, choosing a safe, engaging, and entertaining location for your child’s celebration can feel overwhelming - especially when it seems like every weekend, another child has dreamt up the next big trend for kids’ birthday parties! Win the mom (or dad) of the year award by booking your child’s party at one of the best bounce house party places in Boulder - The Bounce Place! Let’s talk about what makes a bounce house party at The Bounce Place so great.

Published in Boulder, CO