Refresh Your Summer Routine With An Indoor Playground in Boulder

Monday, 12 August 2019 12:51

It’s official, summer is here! That means it’s no-sleeve tees, sunny pool days, beach tans, and sweet lemonade for the next few months. But, at a certain point those days lounging at the pool can start to feel monotonous and you may start to feel limited by the outdoors summer activities that your family loves to stick to. You’ve got to keep the kids entertained, so how do you switch things up? An indoor playground in Boulder could be exactly what you need to jazz up your summer routine.

Why Should I Go To An Indoor Playground in Boulder?

The great thing about the Boulder area is that days of bad weather are few and far between. More often than not, it’s like your mother always said, “it’d be a shame to spend the whole day inside.” That may be true, but you can only do the same summer activity so many times before it loses its appeal; it’s called the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility - it’s how much satisfaction a person gains from increasing their consumption of a particular good. For example, the first sip of summer lemonade is perfect, but the second sip isn’t as good and by the twentieth you’re sick of the drink.

The same principle applies to your everyday routines: if you visit the pool every single day, you’ll eventually become sick of the water, the atmosphere, and the people. So, unless your kids want to go to the pool every single day, you’ll need to try something else to avoid this natural fatigue. An indoor playground in Boulder has plenty to offer both you and your kids.

Your Kids Play While You Relax

A picnic in the park or a day at the pool can quickly become a shouting contest with your kids. All the times that you say “don’t eat that” and “listen to the Lifeguard” add up and can start to really drain your energy.

When you bring your kids to an indoor playground, they get to roam about and play in a safe, controlled environment. At The Bounce Place, our indoor playground in Boulder always have a staff member supervising the playgrounds, so you don’t have to. Parents can kick up their feet in the waiting area and relax for a few hours. Take the time to catch up on some work or devote it to some personal rest.

Kids Develop New Friendships

Children absolutely love playgrounds because they get to have fun playing and have the chance to meet new like-minded playmates. Our indoor playground in Boulder was created specifically for children under the age of ten, so your children will be able to meet other kids around the same age and play without fear of being hurt by older children. Any friendships developed at the playground can result in future playdates and more variety in your summer routines. Compare this to the playgrounds in city parks, like Boulder’s Beach Park, where the age disparity may be too great for a good friendship to truly develop.

A Release From The Heat

This year has already been predicted to be the warmest year on record, so you can bet on a hot summer this year. All the pool water and lemonade drinks in the world won’t change the heat outside. Too much exposure to the heat can have negative effects on your health. An indoor playground in Boulder lets you escape from the heat into an air-conditioned environment, while offering a fun alternative to outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for a way to cool down this summer, skip the pool and find some indoor playgrounds instead.

Check Out Our Indoor Playground In Boulder

Soak up as much of the summer sun as you can with your kids. But, don’t let your summer routines go stale. Switch it up this summer and beat the heat at an indoor playground in Boulder.

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