Mom And Dad Can Have Fun At Indoor Play Areas In Denver Too! Here’s How...

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 11:41

There’s a simple truth that every parent quickly learns: kids need activities! They need someplace to run around, have fun, and burn off their excess energy. Indoor play areas, like bounce houses for instance, are the ideal location for some afternoon kid-friendly activities. But, the indoor play areas in Denver aren’t always the most entertaining places for parents. Your kids are thrilled to be there, so why should you be bored? Let’s talk about some of the most entertaining ways that parents can pass the time.

How Parents Can Stay Entertained At Indoor Play Areas In Denver

Play A Game With Your Kids

Most indoor play areas in Denver are designed for kids. In some cases, adults can be allowed into the play area, but your involvement may be very limited. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with your kids! It’s the perfect time and place to bond with them and challenge their physical abilities. There are plenty of games that you can play with your kids from the sideline or in the play area itself. Here are some simple ideas:

  • A game of catch - Bring in a small foam football to throw around with your kids. It gets them active and there’s little chance of injury with a foam ball.
  • Hide and Seek - Younger kids always love to find creative hiding spots. They might give their position away with some giggle fits, too.
  • Build something together - Some indoor play areas in Denver may have soft building blocks to play with. Try building a tiny castle or a simple obstacle course together.

There are plenty of imaginative games and activities that you can play with your kids and an indoor play area only increases the number of possibilities.

Make Competitive Challenges For Your Kids

It can be exhausting to keep pace with young children. Most kids are bursting at the seams with energy all the time and that morning cup of coffee won’t give you the energy you need to keep up with them all day. Sometimes it’s better to just stick to the side instead. Still, you’d like to be entertained. Competitive challenges are great ways to passively play with your kids and stay entertained at indoor play areas in Denver.

Kids respond well to most challenging activities. The majority of kids, especially young boys, respond even better to competitive challenges. As long as the challenges are fun, right for their age, and get them active, your kids will probably play along! Try giving them a competitive challenge or two to pass the time. Here are some simple examples:

  • An obstacle course - Run through the obstacle course in 20 seconds or less.
  • Target practice - Hit 8 out of the 10 targets in 30 seconds or less.

These challenges may sound like more fun for them than you. You might chuckle a little bit when you watch your child fall face first while navigating a bounce house. It can turn out to be some mild afternoon entertainment. You may even be able to teach your kids new things in the process or maybe you’ll feel a sense of pride when they beat your expectations.

Get To Know Other Parents

Kids love to go to indoor play areas in Denver. You should expect to see other parents sitting around in the waiting areas. Your kids could be playing for hours, which means this is the perfect time to meet and chat with other parents. All you need to do is lean over and introduce yourself. You never know who you’ll end up talking to. You could make new friends, find opportunities to set-up future playdates, or even build business connections for your work.

Don’t worry if you lose track of your kids! At The Bounce Place, we enforce a strict age limit rule that only lets kids 10 and under play in our play area. In addition, our staff members are supervising play constantly, so you can rest easy and keep chatting with other parents.

Use Your Imagination

The fun you have is only limited by what you can imagine! It’s probably been a while since you imagined a whole fantasy world, but there’s no time like the present. The brightly colored environments of indoor play areas in Denver can spark your child’s imagination. Before you know it, your child has constructed a new imaginary world. Take the opportunity and play off of your kid’s creative mind! It’s the perfect time to bond with them and stimulate their creative thinking skills, as well.

Bring Something You Enjoy!

Maybe you just need an afternoon activity for your kids. We know that indoor play areas in Denver aren’t the most invigorating experiences for parents. It’s just part of the parenting job. You don’t want to just stare at your phone and scroll through social media for the next few hours, though. You need something more engaging and fun for you!

It’s the perfect time and place to do an activity that you enjoy. Is there a novel you haven’t had time to finish yet? Have you been slacking on a certain craft or hobby? When’s the last time that you did some self-reflection and wrote it down in your journal? Bring those things with you! You can have a little fun of your own while your kids run around and tire themselves out.

Visit One Of The Best Indoor Play Areas In Denver

At the Bounce Place, we make it easy for parents to play with their kids or to relax and enjoy some personal time. Parents can get into our play areas without any costs and are free to decide exactly what they want to do with their time. It’s the perfect place to have fun and spend an afternoon worry-free.

Come visit The Bounce Place today and you’ll see why we’re one of the best indoor play areas in Denver.