The Jump House Birthday Party Dilemma: Should You Rent Your Own?

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:11

Planning out a birthday party for your child is no easy matter. From finalizing the guest list to deciding on the activities, it can quickly become a headache, especially when you’re planning a jump house birthday party. You want the best possible birthday party for your young kid, so you’ll need to weigh your options. Should you rent a jump house? Or visit a location that already has them? We’ll go over the pros and cons of both bounce house options.

The Jump House Birthday Party: Renting

Many parents will opt to rent a jump house for their children’s birthday. Let’s examine the common benefits and pitfalls of this approach.


First and foremost, renting a jump house for a birthday party is convenient! Whether your jump house birthday party is in your backyard or a local park, your bounce house can be delivered to just about anywhere. Most rental companies will take care of setting up and tearing down the jump house as well, taking the load off your back.

What’s the best part? Your jump house is private. Regardless of your party location, you control who’s at your party and who uses the bounce house.


The first obvious downside to renting a jump house is the cost. Even if they have a standard hourly rate, many rental companies may tack on astronomical costs for delivery, set-up, and tear-down. Renting a jump house is not cheap.

That does not mean you can’t find great deals! There are affordable options out there, you just have to look in the right place. Which means, you’ll have to do a lot of research. And we mean a lot. From deciding on a themed jump house to gathering reliable quotes, it can be an arduous task for many parents.

After you’ve decided on a rental company, there’s still a lot of coordination to do. Let’s assume your jump house birthday party is at the park. There are a few other things you’ll need to figure out, such as:

  • Where should they deliver the jump house?
  • Will you have an area blocked off?
  • Do you need a permit?
  • When can they deliver the bounce house?
  • What’s our back-up plan if it rains?

All the coordination can make it feel like you’re accommodating the rental company rather than the other way around.

Visiting A Location For Your Jump House Birthday Party

Where rental companies fail, a permanent bounce house location excels.


Arguably, the best upside for a permanent bounce house location is the hassle-free experience. Parents can skip the headache-inducing phone calls and pain-staking research. A permanent location requires far less coordination and will offer online scheduling systems for easy date selection. The whole location is secure, safe, and air-conditioned, which means your jump house birthday party will be stress-free and out of the heat.

We all know how quickly kids can get bored. That’s why most permanent locations will have multiple bounce houses. This way, jump house activities never get stale and kids can stay entertained for hours.

Most permanent locations are inexpensive too. When you book a private party room for a few hours, the costs will be upfront, clear, and affordable. Extra costs aren’t tacked on unless you request additional services.


Even though your jump house birthday party will have a private party room, the jump houses themselves are not private. Other children will be playing on the jump houses, too. However, many kids will not see this as a downside, rather it’s an opportunity to make new friends! If the commotion is ever too much for your party guests, they can always retreat into the private party room.

A permanent location may also require you and your guests to travel further than a few blocks. The inconvenience could upset some guests, but you can make it easier to get everyone there with simple directions, carpooling options, and more.

Book Your Jump House Birthday Party With The Bounce Place

It’s no secret that kids love bounce houses. Parents, you shouldn’t get frustrated when planning out the perfect birthday party. Give your kid the best jump house birthday party imaginable with The Bounce Place. Schedule your kid’s jump house birthday party today!