How To Find A Safe Bounce House Indoor Playground

Monday, 19 August 2019 13:55
Safety is one of the highest priorities for parents considering different activities their children will enjoy. However, it can be challenging for parents to recognize the signs that indicate something like a bounce house indoor playground is or isn’t safe for their family. As the leading indoor playground in the greater Denver area, we know that safety is king. We’ve built our operation around keeping all of our visitors safe and ensuring they can have an enjoyable time at our facilities. Here’s a few things to look for that indicate you’ve found a safe bounce house indoor playground.

What Makes A Bounce House Indoor Playground Safe?

There are a lot of ways owners of indoor playgrounds can ensure the safety of their visitors. Some of these things are more important than others when it comes to facilitating a fun and safe environment for kids. Here’s what you can expect from a bounce house indoor playground that makes safety a high priority.

You Will Be Asked To Sign A Waiver

Indoor playgrounds have some risks. There’s really no way around the potential for young children to get hurt when you are creating an environment that allows them to test their physical boundaries. At the end of the day, a bounce house indoor playground is a business. The business owners who care about their business are going to have to proper protocols in place for an operation that has inherent risk, such as a children’s playground.

A waiver shows that, yes, there are some risks associated with the facility. It also shows that the business has taken the right steps to reduce their own liability. More often than not, a business that has taken the initiative to draw up a waiver has also taken the initiative to facilitate an environment that reduces risks altogether. While some parents may look at a waiver for a bounce house indoor playground as a red flag, it is actually the opposite. A playground that has a waiver for all participants is a playground that is dotting all their “Is” and crossing all their “Ts.”

There Will Be A Dress Code

When kids play, they are often rougher than they realize. The clothes they wear can increase the risks that children will get hurt. For example, jewelry can be dangerous for girls if they are playing around and a necklace is long enough to hit them in the teeth. A bounce house indoor playground that is focused on safety will have a dress code in place that is designed to keep kids from accidentally getting hurt.

Only Kids Of A Certain Age Will Be Permitted

Not all kids can play nicely with one another. That’s not to say that all kids can’t be nice, but, rather, bigger kids put smaller kids at risk simply because of their size. When you want to visit a bounce house indoor playground that will be safe for your children, look for one with an age limit. This will ensure that your school-aged kid isn’t trying to interface with a teenager who may accidentally encourage them to try an activity that’s not age appropriate. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your toddler being mauled by a group of “big kids” in an obstacle course because they simply move faster.

Parents Won’t Be Allowed On The Equipment

Just like you don’t want big kids and little kids trying to play on the same equipment at the same time, you don’t want to have parents on the equipment at the same time as kids. While it may seem like a bummer that you won’t be permitted to get on the inflatables with your children, it’s actually a sign that the bounce house indoor playground you’re at cares about your safety and your child’s safety.

Visit A Safe Bounce House Indoor Playground Today

The Bounce Place not only adheres to the safety best practices for an indoor playground, we also have our staff on the floor identifying and mitigating potential risks at all times. If you’re looking for a safe activity that your kids will love, find one of our bounce house indoor playground locations that is near you today!