Field Trip Ideas In Denver Every Kid Will Love

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 00:19

If you’re planning out your fall agenda, you’ve likely found yourself stumped for the perfect field trips that will keep your kids excited all semester long. In the summertime, there’s plenty of options for daycare field trips - pools, parks, zoos, and more. When the weather starts to cool off, many of these options go away. What’s a teacher to do? We’ve got you covered with a few field trip ideas that are sure to be a hit for every age group in your facility.

Field Trip Ideas For Every Age Group

Colorado has literally thousands of activities and events that cater to kids of all ages. However, when you’re operating a facility like a daycare that has a wide range of age groups that need to have their attention captured, selecting the right field trips can become more difficult. We’ve got some ideas that you may not have thought of to check out this Fall.

Inside The Orchestra

Inside The Orchestra is a local non-profit organization based in Denver that has a Fall and Winter series that specifically caters to kids under the age of six. Kids who attend the Tiny Tots performances get to sit inside the orchestra as they perform sets that align with a theme. Kids will get to experience the music, get an up-close look at different instruments, and interact with the conductor and musicians as they enjoy this captivating and one-of-a-kind experience. You won’t find a field trip idea that stands out more than a Tiny Tots show from Inside The Orchestra.

My Nature Lab

The Nature Lab brings the classroom to life - literally! This is a great field trip idea for older kids who are excited about the world around them. The Nature Lab takes groups out to the field where they can explore and learn about the plants and wildlife in the area. If the students at your daycare are curious and inquisitive, a trip to the Nature Lab is the perfect field trip for the Fall.

The Bounce Place

The Bounce Place is a great field trip for daycares when the weather starts to get cooler because it offers all the freedom of a pool or park with none of the cold weather! Field trips to the Bounce Place give kids the opportunity to get active, explore their creativity, and test their physical limits in a safe environment designed specifically for kids under the age of 10. If your kids are starting to go stir crazy between school and daycare, a trip to The Bounce Place is most definitely in order.

The Children’s Museum

Keeping young children engaged in a traditional museum setting is challenging. It’s hard to be engaged by things you can’t touch and stay quiet when there’s so many cool things to look at. The Children’s Museum breaks the mold of traditional museums, supporting exploration and creation on the terms of the child. Exhibits are broken into four categories: explore, imagine, investigate, and create. This ensures that a field trip to the Children’s Museum will have everyone on your roster engaged in something they are excited about.

The Best Field Trip Ideas In Denver

There’s no shortage of things to do in the Denver area. When you’re planning your fall agenda, consider these out-of-the-box field trip ideas for a memorable time that offers real value to your students.

Interested in a field trip to The Bounce Place? Contact the location nearest you to schedule your group’s field trip today.