Why The Bounce Place Is The Best Bounce House Location Around

Wednesday, 03 April 2019 09:18

We’re all too familiar with the process of searching for the best bounce house location for your kids: comparing prices, viewing amenities, checking reviews, and comparing hours to your schedules. You just want to get your kids active in the safest, most affordable, and most convenient possible location, but your selection process doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. You can stop stressing over research and the details, because you’ve found the best bounce house around: The Bounce Place.

Why do our visitors consider The Bounce Place the best option for parents? Take a look at some of most commonly reviewed reasons.

The Best Bounce House Location Has The Safest Bounce Houses

At the Bounce Place, our first and most important priority is the safety of our visitors. To ensure that all of our guests have a fun and safe experience while playing on our indoors bounce houses, we have established a few protocols that we follow at each and every Bounce Place location. While these are not ubiquitous across other indoor playground locations, here are just a few common ground rules that we like to establish with each guest:

  • No touching - When a child touches or grabs another while playing in our indoor bounce house, both parties are put at risk of getting hurt. Because someone else is creating an unstable environment on an inflatable.
  • No stunts - Bounce houses are not trampolines. Inflatables can give users a false sense of ability, as well as encourage others to try skills they cannot safely perform. To avoid injury, we take this rule very seriously.
  • One person at a time - To avoid injuries, we recommend that only one person can enter or exit our bounce houses at a time.

These rules may sound restrictive, but studies show pre-emptive measures can create a safer environment for all of our visitors. To help enforce these rules, we always have a staff member supervising play time. You can also see our safety guide for further information on these rules and our safety measures.

The Best Bounce House for Children Under The Age Of 10

To ensure optimal safety conditions for each visitor, we enforce an age limit for our bounce houses. Our locations are exclusive to children under the age of 10. This simple, but effective rule helps us keep the play area safe for younger children, as the “big kids” (10+) can often play too rough and negatively impact the younger audience.

Plus, while your kids spend an afternoon playing, you can kick up your feet and relax in our waiting area, knowing safety is a priority at the best bounce house location in town. Think of it as some extra time off.

The Best Bounce House Offers Maximum Flexibility

Since we operate as an indoor playground, we strive to offer variety that is meaningful to our visitors. The many options for activities, as well as flexible entry and pricing, make us stand out as the best bounce house option out there.

Different Locations Open In the Rain and Shine

Currently, we operate five different Bounce Place locations — three in Colorado and two in California — with our fifth location just opening in Lakewood, California last week! These locations are set apart by their distance (obviously) and their differences in attractions, including a jungle gym, arcade, and unique inflatables, at each location.

We’ll admit it’s nice to play outside on a sunny day, but even in the summer you’ll have stormy, rainy days. As an indoor playground, each Bounce Place location is open every day of the week and is never interrupted by bad weather (except in the case of extreme conditions). This reliability is just another reason we’re one of the best bounce houses around.

Terrific Pricing Options For Play And Parties

We have worked hard to ensure that each family can access The Bounce Place as much as they want at an affordable price. Need to just kill an afternoon with the kids? A well-priced day pass is what you need.

You can visit the Bounce Place with just your family, but why not turn an afternoon into a larger social activity? Whether you want to plan a birthday party, organize a school field trip, or schedule a fundraiser for an important cause, The Bounce Place can accommodate your needs and host your larger events at any of our locations.

Spend the Day at the Best Bounce House Location Around

We could spend days writing about each and every positive aspect of The Bounce Place, but we don’t think that would ever encapsulate what we’re all about. Come visit one of our locations and experience first-hand why we’re one of the best bounce house businesses.