Bounce House Birthday Party Games That Are Sure To Be A Hit

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 07:30

When you are planning a birthday party for your child, you want it to be the best because you want the best for your child. Most places that cater to children’s birthday celebrations know this, so it’s hard to go wrong, but you can definitely go right! If a bounce house birthday party is on your radar, we’ve got the guide for you to throw a party that’s one for the books. With these game ideas, everyone will be vying for an invite to your child’s celebration.

Freeze Bounce

Is there anything more challenging than getting kids in a bounce house to STOP bouncing? Hardly, but with this game you’ll surely have a winner for birthday child and all of your guests. Much like freeze tag or freeze dance, freeze bounce follows the same principles. Start by playing fun music that everyone can hear and when the music stops, the kids have to stop. Anyone who falls over is out until only one player remains. When one player remains you can start all over again. All the guests are sure to love this bounce house birthday party game.

What’s great about Freeze Bounce for a birthday party is that it isn’t complicated and there are not a lot of rules. Children of all ages can play this game and have a great time doing it.

Balloon Bounce

This is another great bounce house birthday party game for kids of all ages! Toss a handful of blown up balloons onto the ground of a bounce castle and have the kids try to jump around them without letting the balloons touch them. If a balloon touches you, you’re out! Play until there’s only one child remaining, slowly adding balloons to the bounce castle to make it more challenging.

30 Second Challenge

This is a perfect bounce house birthday party game for parents who want to be involved. Task the children with bouncing a certain way for 30 seconds. If you fall down, bump into someone, or stop following the directions before 30 seconds are up, you’re out! Play some music to indicate the time to make it even more fun. If you want your birthday party guests to really get a laugh out of this game, add in animal imitations - complete with sounds - so the kids can really express their creative personalities.

Flag Tag

Flag tag is an awesome example of one of the many “land” games that can be played at a bounce house birthday party. Grab a roll of streamers and tear of approximately foot long strips. Have your guests tuck one end of the stream into their waist band and let them run wild! The goal is to get as many streamers as you can. This game is made even more challenging on a bounce house because they aren’t running on flat ground! It’s the perfect option when you have older kids at your bounce house birthday party whose gross motor skills are more developed and want a real challenge.

The Sequence Game

This game will challenge the mind and body of all your bounce house birthday party guests. Have the children spread out so there is an open space in the middle that everyone can see. The birthday child will start showing a move. The next person will imitate the move the birthday child demonstrated and then add on a move or jump of their own. If you skip part of the sequence, you’ll sit down until there’s only one player remaining. As more and more moves are added on the game will get more difficult and the stakes will increase.

Have A Bounce House Birthday Party For The Books

These game ideas are sure to make your child’s bounce house birthday party one to remember. The kids will have a blast challenging one another and exploring their creative sides and parents can play an active role in the celebrating, as well.

If you want to book a bounce house birthday party for your child, check out our party packages at The Bounce Place location that is nearest you!