Birthday Games For Every Age

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 11:41

Celebrating the tech-centric generation can be challenging. No matter the age, it seems that with every passing day, peeling kids away from their electronic devices and encouraging them to engage with the world at large is more and more difficult. As a parent, you want to find ways to entertain and encourage creative play and games that facilitate that kind of behavior is the perfect way to do so. We’ve compiled a list of birthday games that will be ideal for any upcoming celebrations you may have on the agenda that are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

Birthday Games That Take A Note From The Classics

There’s really no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to birthday games. The same games that you enjoyed growing up are going to be just as engaging and entertaining for your kids today.

Kick The Can

Kick the can is a perfect way to set the tone of fun birthday games that offer some friendly competition. If you don’t remember the general rules of the game, you’ll have one person be a seeker and everyone else hides. A can resides in the middle of the playing field. As the seeker finds players, they’ll be jailed until one brave player can kick the can before being tagged by the seeker.

Marco Polo

Whether you’re in the pool or the park, Marco Polo is another simple and fun game that kids of all ages can enjoy. One player is blindfolded while the rest of the players move about and avoid being tagged. When the seeker says “Marco,” everyone responds “Polo” so they guide the seeker to where they are (or aren’t)! As far as birthday games are concerned, Marco Polo is sure to be a hit.

Obstacle Courses

If you have kids of varying ages celebrating, obstacle courses are great birthday party games that can be catered to the different age groups. Whether you’re celebrating at an indoor playground with inflatable obstacle courses or you create your own, you’ll no doubt have lines bursting at the seams to take another turn across the course.

Simon Says

If you have an older guest at a party who can facilitate the classic party game of Simon Says, you can guide everyone through for an unbeatable time. Simon Says is perfectly simple and doesn’t require any set up, complicated rules, or restrictions. Everyone can join in for these fun-filled birthday games.


Opposites is a fun twist on Simon Says. Rather than doing what Simon Says when Simon says it, the “Simon” will direct you to do the opposite of whatever they say or do. It’s very straightforward, but becomes challenging quickly, so everyone is sure to have a blast.

Birthday Games That Everyone Can Enjoy

As a popular host of children’s birthday parties, we know the ins and outs of planning a successful party. These birthday games are low-cost and low-maintenance, ensuring you break them out in any celebration setting! If you’re looking to schedule a party at a bounce house place where you’ll have plenty of space to play all the birthday games your heart desires, The Bounce Place is the place to go. Check out our party packages to find the right fit for your celebration.