The Best Games To Play In A Bounce House

Thursday, 22 August 2019 22:41

Whether you’re renting a bounce house for a fun celebration in your local park or you’re visiting an indoor bounce house location like ours, you’ll certainly need some ideas for games to play that your kids will love. There are, of course, some gimmes that kids will enjoy playing, but there’s also tons of other games you may have never thought of that will be perfect for whatever celebration or day of play you have planned. When you’re trying to spice things up, look no further than this list of awesome games to play in a bounce house.

Games To Play In A Bounce House That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Part of what makes playing on inflatables fun is that it’s not an activity most kids get to do all that regularly. When you’re thinking of fun games to play in a bounce house, you’ll want them to be just as unique as the experience itself. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Freeze Bounce

This is a perfect game to play in a bounce house because it is as simple as it sounds! Borrow the rule book from Freeze Dance and get ready for a challenge. Turn on some fun tunes and let the kids jump around. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze! Try standing still on an inflatable - you and all the players are sure to have a blast.

Popcorn’s Popping

This game is awesome for a younger crowd. Fill a bounce house with balloons and have kids start bouncing around. The goal is to keep from getting touched by the balloons. Each round, add a few more balloons in for an extra challenging game to play in a bounce house.

The Giggle Game

The best games to play in a bounce house are the ones that have all the players in a fit of giggles. Have the kids lay down perpendicular to one another with their head on their neighbors belly. The first play says “HA” as loud as they can and the phrase passes down the line. See how far you can make it before everyone’s laughing hysterically.

Red Light, Green Light

This is a great “land” game, but it’s made even more fun when played in a bounce house. The rules stay the same - green means go fast, yellow means go slow, and red means stop. Make sure you’re frozen when the leader says red light or you’re out!

The Sequence Game

Another fun idea for games to play in a bounce house is the Sequence Game. Have one child perform an action. The next child performs that same action and then adds on a new action. The sequence continues until someone forgets the order! This game is sure to be a fun challenge that everyone will love.

Little Sally Walker

Much like red light, green light, this is an awesome “land” game that’s made even better on an inflatable. The kids circle up and one participant skips around on the inner ring of the circle. Singing the Little Sally Walker song, they’ll stop in front of another play to “do their thing” and then stop! The new player gets tagged in to do their thing and so on and so forth.

What Are Your Favorite Games To Play In A Bounce?

This list of games to play in a bounce house is by no means comprehensive. There are so many different games that can be played on and off inflatables. Next time you’re visiting a bounce house location, give some of these games a try and also try out some of your favorites, too.

If you’re looking for the perfect play to play games in a bounce house, find a Bounce Place location near you.