Back To School Got You Down? Visit A Lakewood Mall Bounce House

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 00:23

This time of year is challenging. So many factors play into the back-to-school blues that many families experience - especially those with young children who don’t get to go back to school with their brothers and sisters. If the cooler weather, lack of activities, and fewer kids to play with has your little ones in a funk, you should check out our Lakewood Mall bounce house.

The Lakewood Mall Bounce House Is The Perfect Playtime Activity

When kids get ready to go back to school, we find ourselves getting out of the house less and less. Part of what makes a Lakewood Mall bounce house such a great playtime activity is that it easily breaks up the monotony of the backyard and daytime television shows. There’s countless other reasons to check out a Lakewood Mall bounce house. Let us share them with you.

Perfect For One Child Or A Whole Group

Whether you have an only child who isn’t school aged or you have a playgroup looking for an activity everyone will love, an indoor bounce house playground is perfect! Only children have the opportunity to interact and play with peers, helping them develop interpersonal and social skills that you simply can’t build at home alone or with your siblings. There’s also plenty of space for a few neighborhood kids or any entire playgroup to come visit our Lakewood Mall bounce house location, so everyone can enjoy a day of play.

Get Active And Avoid The Cold

As the weather cools down, so does our activity level. It is important to find ways to help your children stay active, if not for their health then for your sanity! There’s nothing tougher than trying to burn off extra energy (especially before nap time) in a cramped living room or small bedroom. Our Lakewood Mall bounce house location gives kids plenty of space to run around and blow off some steam. Better yet, our day passes allow you to come and go as you please. Need to run home for naptime or lunch? No sweat! You can re-enter that same day for no additional fee.

Develop Fine And Gross Motor Skills

When kids are young, we do everything we can to keep them safe. We also do everything we can to ensure they are hitting milestones and making the mental and physical progress that are appropriate for their age. It’s hard to find the middle ground between staying safe and exploring mental and physical boundaries. A Lakewood Mall bounce house provides a structured, not to mention padded, environment for kids to safely explore, develop fine and gross motor skills, work on their balance, and so much more.

At The Bounce Place in the Lakewood Mall, we cater to kids 10 and under to further support the facilitation of a safe environment for young, developing minds and bodies. Parents don’t have to worry about the big kids putting their little ones at risk simply by being bigger. You can feel confident that your child has the resources and support they need to safely explore.

Visit A Lakewood Mall Bounce House Today

If the few short weeks of school being back in session has you and your little ones feeling a little stir crazy, you should check out one of our indoor bounce house locations today! Pick up a day pass, come and go as you please, and enjoy a day of play at a Lakewood Mall bounce house.