7 Reasons To Play At A Bounce Place For Kids

Wednesday, 09 January 2019 07:27

Winter is in full swing. Kids are stuck in doors and starting to go a little stir-crazy. If you’re a mom or dad who’s about to go stir crazy with your little ones, it is time to start looking for budget-friendly, fun activities. A bounce place for kids is the perfect solution for those energetic little ones who can no longer release that energy outdoors. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why you may want to try a bounce place for kids on your next adventure.

1. Increase Activity

Far and away the biggest benefit a bounce place for kids offers is a safe environment to be active. In today’s society, adults especially, but children, too, struggle with the negative impacts of an overly sedentary lifestyle. It is important, especially when it is cooler outside and children are not inclined to play outdoors, to provide an environment where kids not only can, but also want to be active.

2. Improve Balance

Most bounce places for kids are filled with various types of inflatables that pose physical challenges for growing children. Whether it is a bounce castle where kids are learning to maintain balance based on one another movements or an obstacle course that they complete alone but must combine skills like speed and agility with balance and body control, a bounce place for kids can help your child improve their coordination and core strength.

3. Develop Fine And Gross Motor Skills

The types of inflatables that fill bounce places are perfect for developing the fine and gross motor skills children need to thrive both in general and in athletics. In addition to practicing small and large movements on a constantly changing ground, a bounce place for kids gives children the opportunity to improve reaction times and learn to problem solve.

4. Challenge The Creative Mind

From a traditional game of house to an imaginary world of wonder, a bounce place for kids offers a unique environment for children to think outside of the box. Playing with peers who are of different ages, ability, and ideas encourages creativity in our youth and allows them to prosper in a world with no limits.

5. Boost Self Esteem

If your little one has ever convinced you to tackle a favorite obstacle course or join them on the trampoline, you know how challenging some of these physical activities can be. A bounce place for kids is a great opportunity to help your child build confidence and boost their self-esteem as they conquer physical challenges and learn to set goals, persevere and achieve.

6. Cost Effective

Whether it’s a day of mini-golf and bowling or an afternoon spent at your local pottery painting shop, the cost of entertaining children adds up pretty quickly. Our bounce place for kids offers a cost-effective way to reap the benefits of creative play and physical activity. Our day passes are just $10 and give you unlimited, come-and-go access to The Bounce Place of your choice. You can play in the morning, take a break for errands, lunch, or a nap, and come back in the afternoon for less than the cost of a 2 hour movie - and much more fun! Most kid-friendly activity locations also offer discounts to loyal customers in the form of punch cards or rewards. Not only is a bounce place for kids a way to let children expend extra energy, play with their peers, and challenge themselves both mentally and physically, but you can also do all of this without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win!

7. Family Friendly

A The Bounce Place, parents and crawlers are free. Adults can access wifi and stay productive while older kids play and toddlers can create in an age-appropriate activity space. A bounce place for kids offers an experience everyone can enjoy.

A Bounce Place For Kids In Your Neighborhood

Take a look at our locations to find the nearest bounce place for kids. The Bounce Place has locations across the Denver metro area, as well as the San Francisco area and we are growing! Come play at The Bounce Place today!