5 Things You Didn’t Know About Playing In A Bounce House

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 00:51

As a parent, you want nothing more than to keep your kids safe. This can hold you back from trying experiences that you know you would have loved as a kid. Things like riding a bike, trying a gymnastics class, or playing on a bounce house can seem too dangerous for your children, despite the immense values they have for fine and gross motor skills, among other things. While we can’t speak much to riding a bike or learning gymnastics, we do know a thing or two about bounce houses and we’d like to share with you some of the things you may not know about the benefits of playing on a bounce house as a kid.

Everything You Need To Know About Bounce House Playtime

Bounce houses are much like trampolines, however they offer a bit of a buffer between the safety of the ground and the velocity of a true trampoline. There is a lot to be gained by letting your kids explore at a bounce house park. Let’s talk about some of the reasons a bounce house location near you is worth checking out.

Developing Fine And Gross Motor Skills

Much like participating in any type of sport, a bounce house gives children the opportunity to develop essential skills. Everything from balance to fine motor skills can be learned on an inflatable castle, given the right environment. We facilitate this environment at The Bounce Place by making sure only kids 10 and under can play on the equipment. This way, younger children can explore without the risks bigger kids impose at comparable trampoline parks.

Challenging Physical Limits

A bounce house offers children a safe environment to challenge themselves mentally and physically. One may doubt that they can truly scale the wall of the inflatable obstacle course while another may be mastering jumping on one foot. The opportunities allow children to create and achieve goals as they master new skills and explore their physical limitations. The beauty of doing this on a bounce house is that mom and dad don’t have to worry about the harsh concrete meeting their little one should they fall. Inflatables by nature are soft and conform to a child’s body if they fall, allowing them to easily get back up and try again.

Facilitating Relationships With Peers

While this perk of The Bounce Place is not necessarily specific to a bounce house park like ours, but the opportunity for children to engage with their peers is priceless. Kids learn to interact with one another, wait their turn, share, compete, and so much more by being in a safe and structured play environment designed specifically for them.

Pushing Creative Boundaries

While many bounce house inflatables have a theme, whether that be medieval or just colorful, a bounce house park gives kids the opportunity to explore creative boundaries, too. Rather than an inflatable wall, they could be scaling a mountain. Instead of jumping around in a bounce castle, they can appoint themselves king or queen and rule the land. There’s so much to explore and the sky is truly the limit on a bounce house.

Strengthen Life Skills

As adults, we can easily recognize the physical and mental challenges a bounce house poses. Trying to balance on inflated air is no easy feat! For kids, these challenges come with important life skills like determination and perseverance that will be used well beyond their bounce house days. When a kid falls in a bounce house, it’s almost fun, so the concept of defeat is a little further away, giving them the confidence they need to get right back up and try again.

Check Out A Bounce House Park Near You

The Bounce Place recognizes the value a bounce house park has to offer young children as they are developing into adolescents and we want to share that with you. There’s nothing better than a day spent at one of our locations. Pick up a day pass at an indoor bounce house location near you and start playing today!