4 Ways For Parents To Participate With Kid’s Bounce House

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 07:30

When you have young children, it is important to find activities that they can enjoy independently, with peers, and with parents. The Bounce Place offers exactly that. There’s nothing overly complex about a play place that includes things like a kid’s bounce house, you come, you jump, you have fun. What can be more challenging, however, is finding a way to make it a parent-child-friendly activity. Let’s talk about some ways that parents can interact with their children at a kid’s bounce house place.

Create A Challenge

As adults, you probably don’t want to be trying to jump and balance in a kid’s bounce house. In many locations designed with those activities for kids, you aren’t allowed to due to insurance regulations. Finding activities that both you and your child can participate in doesn’t have to be hard, though. One of our favorite ways to interact with children is by creating challenges for them to achieve. Not only can you encourage your child to persevere through challenging scenarios, like walls or slides, that you may find in a kid’s bounce house but you can also help them problem solve how to accomplish the tasks you lay out for them. Whether you time your child to see how fast they can make it through an obstacle course and then do it again to see if they can beat their time or you challenge your child to accomplish a jump on one foot or backwards, there are a number of different ways for you to get involved in your child’s creative play.

Try Accessories

Another way for parents to engage with their children while they play on a kid’s bounce house is by utilizing other types of toys they enjoy. Soft balls or balloons are ideal toys to add to a kid’s bounce house will keeping the games and activities safe. Here are some ideas:

  • Play catch on and off the bounce houses
  • Add balloons to the kid’s bounce house and try not to touch them
  • Hide flags within the obstacle course and have your child find them

These games give you the opportunity to help your child develop both physically and mentally while they play.

Elevate Land Games

Playtime favorites like tag, capture the flag, and red light/green light can be used in a kid’s bounce house, too! Helping your child come up with ways to apply games they would traditionally play elsewhere to a bounce house is a great bonding and learning opportunity for both you and your child. Additionally, playing games kids are familiar with in an environment they are not familiar with is a great way for your children to develop those fine and gross motor skills.

Role Play With Your Child

Role play games are great ideas for a kid’s bounce house. Our locations have a variety of different kid’s bounce houses, each with unique themes that encourage creativity. Whether you and your child are creating a fantasy play environment where knights and kings roam the land or you challenge your child to bounce like different animals, you can bond with your child while stimulating their imagination.

Bonding Through Play In A Kid’s Bounce House

Playtime with your child is vital to building a foundation for a strong relationship. These activities are great opportunities to bond with your child while participating in an activity they enjoy. If you are interested in activities that involve a kid’s bounce house, swing by The Bounce Place today and pick up a day pass or punch card to come play.